Product Review: Shoeaholics

Speaking of shoes, I could no longer restrain (having had a massive clearout and posted everything on ebay) to add to me shoe collection. A few days ago I posted about the website shoeaholics.com - they stock KurtGeiger with 'minor cosmetic damage' or old product lines that never sold very well (plus brands such as NineWest, Nicole Farhi and a few from Acne ive noticed)

SO...my package arrived today...cue EXCITEMENT!

so I was a bit worried about the 'minor cosmetic damage', as anyone would be - but honestly, when i first opened up all the boxes, i didnt notice ANYTHING! they literally looked brand new. i was worried that they would have been ex-display shoes that people had tried on in the shop and had stretched or scratched, but they are in prestine condition. the only minor thing (which i didnt notice until it showed up in the photos) is in the red pumps - they look slightly different colours (which is partially probably due to the rubbish light in my room, which doesnt do anyone any favours!) and the back of one of them is slightly different to the oher (but they are equally as tight on my feet so you really dont notice this once they are on!)
(the black Nicole Farhi suede heels are so so comfy and were #350 originally - get them on shoeaholics for #49!)

thankyooou shoeaholics for 3 wonderful additions to my shoe collection - 3 thumbs up :)

(yes mum, i did buy THREE pairs of shoes...but if your business-savvy like moi, you'll weigh up the costs and benefits of 5pounds postage and realise that buying 3 is much much better than buying just 1...hehe)

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  1. i would personally say the two red shoes are two different shoes. the tags on the inside are two different designs.