buying fur this winter? THINK AGAIN

this really makes.me.sick - I can barely watch it again

...a pile of books

A pile of books for my dissertation and a cup of chai tea are all thats keeping me company this Halloween evening!

if you havnt tried Pukka tea then do it NOW - it doesnt quite beat a sweet, frothy, milky Starbucks chai latte, but it comes a pretty close second! I particularly like this vanilla chai, but theres so many different flavours to try. I dont think you can get them in the supermarkets, but for sure Pukka will be in the nearest organicey/health food store http://www.pukkaherbs.com/

Just In: modern classic


classic coat, classic colour, whats not to love? and at 160quid, I promise you'll wear be wearing it this winter, next winter and even the one after that....

seems as though everyones loving it at the moment though - its sold out on asos already!

Saturday Night

happy HAPPY grin as we were served choc covered strawbs....

....drooling yet?!

dress - 'vaudeville and burlesque' at urban outfitters
wedge boots - topshop



so yesterday was a rather amazingly sunny morning! had coconut and banana milkshake for breakfast with the boyo, before settling down to a pile of dissertation readings!

wearing my new loafers (that i kinda wish were black...but theyre still amazing!), which gave hurt my left foot are surprisingly comfy for my right!

'Berlin' loafers - asos
stripey seven eighths jeans - topshop
jumper - tophop boutique

....shame about the weather today though....looking miserable outside!


Todays Craving

so, I've been craving red red red lately...red ballerinas, red skinnies, and saw this AMAZING red shirt in Hobbs the other day with my name written aaall over it (shame it didnt't have 'sale' written all over it aswell though...).
Now, Oasis isn't really a brand or a shop that I frequent, I have it in my head that its rather on the safe, fuddy-duddy side of fashionable, BUT, I was browsing new items in at good old asos and came across this rather amazing red coat, by none other than said fuddy-duddy brand Oasis (that may actually not be so fuddy-duddy after all!).
Today this red red coat is ticking all my boxes :)

AND buy grazia this week and get 25% off...now thats an offer to tempting to refuse....


Playing Dressup

okay, so driven by dissertation boredom.... here goes my first ever outfit post! (excuse the mess of my room)

the pics arent that very clear - but I guess thats something I'll have to work on for next time!
love love loved this dress when I picked it up in the trend section in H&M..but havnt quite found the right opportunity to wear it (apart from playing dress up!). its a real showstopper ey!

shoes - Kurt Geiger
socks - H&M
shirt - H&M
dress - H&M trend


Todays Craving: The Loafer

Loafers are the epitome of London cool, and as demonstrated effortlessly by Alexa Chung and Mrs Hince (aka Kate Moss) below, they are not to be saved for days that call for off-duty, relaxed styling (yes, Ms Chung wore hers to the Chanel show in Paris).
alexa chung - handbag.com


the ever stylish Rumi of fashiontoast.com
Ive been really craving them the past few days...a nice new shiney pair, after I came across a timberland pair on ebay (that were not so shiney, but I felt that they should be shiney!), and I'm really attracted to all the masculine tailoring thats around at the moment
....SOO, i ordered a pair from asos.com to road test them, and they arrived today (big asos package = cue excitement!!!). turns out they look 10 times better than they do on the website and they go with literally everything (AND theyre mega comfy!)....hopefully I'll be putting up some outfit posts in the next few days so I'll be able show the extend of my current loafer love....


Today im craving...

...this metallic skater skirt

if you don't want to go all out and buy a sequin mini skirt to add a bit of sparkle to your winter outfit...then the hint of metallic in this skirt is perfect - for day or night!
i'd wear it with all black, or an insanely bright fuschia pink shirt and black heels

it also reminds me of this skirt that Ms. Engman from FashionSquad is wearing:

Brand focus: Sister Jane

I am across this brand whilst browsing on trusty-old asos, as some of the pieces really caught my eye - they have a quirky, vintage vibe with just the right amount of sparkle added. The brand stocked at topshop, but they have a slightly bigger selection on asos.com
Some of my favourites are below....trust the pretty little lace and sequin dress to be already sold out!

images - asos

perfectly pretty

This girly, embellished dress is new in at asos - its very romantic and vintage-y, and im picturing it as one of these pieces you can wear to almost anything (except the gym perhaps!) and look effortlessly girly. Wear it with white sandals for an afternoon in the park (if only it were sunny enough!)....dress it up with nude high heels for a wedding...or toughen it up with black wedge boots and a clutch for a night out....

...it would even serve as eye candy hung on my wall as a piece of art for a while...

get yours at asos.com



How insane are these MoonBoots?! EXACTLY what i'll be in need of in a few weeks when the good old Scottish weather really kicks in!
Moon Boots - Nelly.com

Brand focus: Cheap Monday

This Swedish clothing label is particularly renowned for their denim and jeans...which is what Ive always associated them with (and their signature skull logo of course)....but recently Ive been drawn to their other clothing, which epitomises Scandinavian simplicity and focuses on clean lines and neutral colours.
(available to asos.com and urbanoutfitters.co.uk)

Cheap Monday Egg Coat - asos

Cheap Monday cowel neck dress - asos

Cheap Monday cut away shoulder dress - asos
Cheap Monday drape dress - asos

....AND they now do shooooooes! (in a rather offensive hot patent red)

Monolit wedge ankle boot - asos

Monolit wedge ankle boot - asos

bag a bargain


get your elbows out...topshop sale started today ladies!

Just in: Asos


loving this beaded shift dress new in at asos. It might be getting chilly outside, but I'm still lingering over the crispness of summer white...


Just in: Topshop

you don't have to go mad on the whole colour-block trend - this colour block shirtdress is new in at topshop and represents a more toned down take on the trend. Great addition to your work-wear wardrobe - wear it with black loafers or wedges
Loafers - asos.com                Wedges - Deena and Ozzy at UrbanOutfitters