Todays Craving

so, I've been craving red red red lately...red ballerinas, red skinnies, and saw this AMAZING red shirt in Hobbs the other day with my name written aaall over it (shame it didnt't have 'sale' written all over it aswell though...).
Now, Oasis isn't really a brand or a shop that I frequent, I have it in my head that its rather on the safe, fuddy-duddy side of fashionable, BUT, I was browsing new items in at good old asos and came across this rather amazing red coat, by none other than said fuddy-duddy brand Oasis (that may actually not be so fuddy-duddy after all!).
Today this red red coat is ticking all my boxes :)

AND buy grazia this week and get 25% off...now thats an offer to tempting to refuse....

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