after struggling to find the perfect coat ALL winter that doesn't drown little old me, and doesn't make too much of a dent in the old bank funds, I found this lovely burgundy tailored one in the topshop sale (along with 2 others!) - its a perfect alternative to black

coat - topshop
blouse - Sister Jane
jeans - topshop leighs


help help help! I picked up both of these boots in the topshop sale on my lunch the other day - I've been after a pair of grungy biker boots for a while, then just my luck, 2 pairs come along at once! (both the same price which doesn't help!)...and now I can't decide. I'm totally split between them.
any suggestions to help me out of my predicament would be very much appreciated!



...these amazing platform wedges from Topshop (found them on ebay!) - so chunky but dainty with the little gems. Wouldn't be complaining if Santa dropped a pair down my chimney this Christmas...!


This is what I wore today. It gets so hot at work running up and down stairs that I'm usually roasting, so can get away with wearing a tank, even in December! - jazzed it up with a little sequin waistcoat I bought in H&M years ago, and chucked on a hat and faux fur for warmth

hat - Primark
waistcoat - H&M
tank - urban outfitters


I've been working all day (9-6 shifts) to earn some money over Xmas, so havn't really been able to take any photos, let alone any outside when its daylight! (I literally leave for work when its getting light and come home when its dark - how depressing is that!).
So I took a few quick snaps in the mirror before I dash off in the morning

zara skirt
zara tee
Primark beanie



not feeling very christmas-ey at all at the moment, but tonight I attempted to bring a little festive sparkle to my life by painting my nails in Moonshine

Topshop nails in Moonshine


Monday's must-have

Large perspex pouch kurtgeiger.com
There are many things I wish I could buy from KurtGeiger (sale alert!), but I've been lusting over this clutch for a while (totally split between the black or the red..) - its perfect for holding a few necessities and tucking under your arm.
Now its in the sale for 15bucks I'm even more tempted...

raining, pouring

bitterly cold and raining outside so I forced my unwilling photographer to snap a few quick photos on the way to grab some munchies from the shop around the corner.Ontop of the miserable weather...the days are getting darker and darker too! (definately craving a holiday!)

coat - topshop
necklace - topshop
knit - zara
boots - H by Hudson
leggings - so old the tag has faded

keep your mits warm

two very different ways to keep your hands warm this winter. Both are in the sale (left H&M #6.49 and right ASOS #8.00), but I'm thinking the ones on the right look incredibly cosey? (not just because theyre called 'mittens' or anything....)

via hm.com and asos.com



deliciously spikey new neck decor (necklace seems to dainty a term!) from Topshop

fading fast

So I left my house to walk to my boyfriends yesterday and by the time I got to his it was dark! how to depressing is that!? so unfortunately had to take pics inside (boo)

loving my new faux fur (its surprisingly cosey!)

jacket - H&M trend
jumper - Topshop boutique
leggings - so ancient the tag has faded
boots - zara (last season)
satchel - mulberry


need need neeeeeed these wedges from H&M! i've been looking for a pair of black wedgie-booties to chuck on with skinnies and leggings for a while and these fit the bill perfectly AND they don't look like anything thats on the high street at the moment.
why oh why are they sold out in my size online :( boo!


dark lips

Ashley Olsen in dark lipstick

I'm not so big on makeup, but winter has got me craving darker lips. Found two good shades at Topshop, but I'm in a bit of a pickle over which one to go for...!

images via: topshop.com and thefashionpolice.net

disco disco

wore this shimmery silver top to work the other day to get in the festive mood

hat - Gap
Top - H&M trend
spike necklace - Topshop

Christmas knit

cream patchwork knit - riverisland.com

A great alternative to the boring grey, black and beige knitwear - love the unique patchwork print


faux fur

I popped into H&M before work yesterday to see if I could find the white coat in my previous post (scroll down) - didn't have any luck in finding it, but I did pick up this faux fur number (among other things...). Its super cosey...but I'm kind of wishing it was all one colour rather than the two tone?

I think it'll be great to throw on ontop of 5jumpers, jeans and boots, when its too cold to wear anything else!

Versace x H&M

I know I'm a bit late on the whole hype over the Versace and H&M collab, but after hearing that some people queued from ridiculous o'clock only to run into stores and grab whatever the could get in the wrong size, I felt slightly pleased with myself when I managed to get this black dress online yesterday morning from the comfort of my bedroom! ...and its one of the most wearable pieces from the collection, so I was quite pleased.

I have to say though, I am super duper excited about the next collaboration...MARNI!



amazed by this coat I saw in Grazia this week - white.clean.chic

even more amazed when I saw it is from H&M! it looks like its from their 'trend' section, but I popped in on my way to work to see if I could find but had no luck (boo)

However, I did pick up a few other lovely goodies....


New In

My clutch arrived (beautifully wrapped) yesterday!

As its plastic it smelt a bit funny when I first opened - but thats beside the point! Its the perfect size to throw in a few necessities, and is going to look great when all I want to wear is top to toe black (more pics to come!)
thankyou bengt!

bengtfashion.com are also taking part on Vogue's online fashion week so go to the website and check it out!
They have also teamed up with Sandra of 5inchandup - so check out her blog for a 30% discount on their site


winter must-have

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looks ultra cosey-shmosey, and ticks the roll-neck trend too
from riverisland.co.uk was #38 now #23.00

new in

lookey look what the postman delivered today!

i'm in love with the colour of these loafers (and the shinyness). They're actually Peter Jenson for Topshop (not sure how old) but I got them on ebay for about 12quid - and there already worn in
(no blisters -  bonus! :)