Todays Craving: The Loafer

Loafers are the epitome of London cool, and as demonstrated effortlessly by Alexa Chung and Mrs Hince (aka Kate Moss) below, they are not to be saved for days that call for off-duty, relaxed styling (yes, Ms Chung wore hers to the Chanel show in Paris).
alexa chung - handbag.com


the ever stylish Rumi of fashiontoast.com
Ive been really craving them the past few days...a nice new shiney pair, after I came across a timberland pair on ebay (that were not so shiney, but I felt that they should be shiney!), and I'm really attracted to all the masculine tailoring thats around at the moment
....SOO, i ordered a pair from asos.com to road test them, and they arrived today (big asos package = cue excitement!!!). turns out they look 10 times better than they do on the website and they go with literally everything (AND theyre mega comfy!)....hopefully I'll be putting up some outfit posts in the next few days so I'll be able show the extend of my current loafer love....

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