Tope Tijani

Flicking through my Grazia which timely fell through my letterbox at 10am to distract me from finishing my essay. One of the pages which caught my eye (apart from the Ashton-Demi split *shockhorror*) was on article on Bengtfashion.com - a website which showcases up and coming designers. Having a curious browse they have a great selection of unique pieces. Alot of it was a little pricey for my unemployed, student budget, but I did find this awesome, plasticey-pvc clutch by TopeTijana for under #30 which I swiftly added to my basket hehe. Keeping an eye out for more from this designer - the colours and materials are pretty cool! What d'ya think?
Tope Tijani – Mini Block Colours Clutch
Tope Tijana mini block colour clutch
defnately worth having a peek: http://www.bengtfashion.com/ - and make sure you check out the jewellery, some of the pieces are amazing

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