Introducing: "The Coatigan"

Pffff, a 'coatigan'?! ...I see those confused frown lines emerging...and yes, I too snorted at the concept upon first sight. However, having mulled it over, I have decided that The Coatigan has much to offer.
This hybrid (hybrid in the same respect as hood + scarf = snood), is by no means struggling with its identity - it seeks to position itself as neither a coat, nor a cardigan. It is unique: it has the winter coat faux fur factor, plus the necessary knitting to class it as knitwear! (which means you don't have to strip off once your out of the chill! bonus).
So, it is yet to enter my list of winter 'must-haves', but its definately has autunmnal potential....

"coatigan" - topshop

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